Self Assessment


We offer self assessment services to individuals who are self-employed. This is because the HMRC demands that every earning individual is to be taxed at source through monthly PAYE. There are exceptions: self-employed people, those on temporary contracts, partners in limited liability partnerships and where circumstances are such that a pre-determined salary is not the source of total income. You have to complete a form and state all sources and amounts of income you have earned, and claim relevant tax allowances. From this you calculate what you owe to HMRC, and make the payment by due date. This is an annual commitment, and tightly monitored by HMRC who issue penalty fines for missing deadlines.


For use to help you, you will need to complete an application form and obtain a unique taxpayer reference (UTR). We can do this on your behalf and let you know the deadlines. We provide the right forms, depending on whether or not you are a new sole trader, a partnership, a partner, a partner non-individual (trust or company) or an individual with different income streams. Working with you, we complete and submit the application forms to HMRC and at the right time, calculate earnings and tax payable, deducting the reliefs available to you.

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