Corporate Tax / VAT

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Corporate Tax / VAT

We offer you an extensive range of taxation services coupled with support and advice. We do help in tax planning which is aimed at offering you the best opportunity possible to reduce your tax liabilities both now and in the future. The services provided include: Producing more profitable accounting write-up work and keep your clients’ bookkeeping (as well as your own) up-to-date, and tracked with an audit trail.

Fabek Associates & Co Ltd give you a powerful, easy-to-use financial statement and reporting options that will help you gain a competitive edge and deliver the professional quality you expect. Time-Saving Data Entry Options: How much time and effort does your firm spend aggregating data from multiple sources? With Fabek Associates & Co Ltd, you’ll easily find and use data from multiple sources. Our specialist VAT advisors can assist your business with all VAT-related matters ranging from VAT registration applications and the completion of VAT returns to VAT consultancy and complex liability issues.

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