Why Choose Us

WE ARE ACCA CERTIFIED!!! We strive to maintain a good working relationship with your clients. We want you to be certain that Fabek Associates is the most appropriate accounting firm for you right from the start so we are very thorough in the initial stages of our client relationship. We genuinely believe that our clients deserve to receive the highest quality service and attention possible.

WHAT YOU STAND TO BENEFITS: We will ensure that we have a full understanding of your business and the regulatory environment in which it operates. This enables us to ascertain how we can best help you to meet your objectives. We invite all potential clients to our offices for a free initial consultation so that they can meet us personally and gain an understanding of our philosophy and abilities, and so that we can assess what needs to be done. At the free initial consultation we will discuss the basis of how we charge our fees. We will also explain how you can reduce your compliance costs, so that we can focus on other important issues.

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